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Brief summary of the requirements and policies of Land Transport Inc.

The information below is provided only as a brief summary of the requirements and policies of Land Transport Inc. and should be used only as a brief introduction to the company. Please refer to our lease agreement and other company documents for precise interpretations.                                                                                                                                       1.) All Professional Business Owners and their drivers must comply with all D.O.T. requirements, regulations and procedures set forth by Land Transport Inc. at all times.                                                                                                                                                       2.) Worker’s Compensation and Employer’s Liability Insurance are the responsibility of the Professional Business Owner, and proof of such insurance may be requested at any time. 3.) A $1,000.00 deductible applies to all cargo damage and will be charged to the Professional Business Owner if he or she is responsible for damage or loss.                4.) Operations Guidelines:                                                                                                           Service Standards Land Transport Inc. requires a pick up of the customer freight within 90 minutes from the time of call within specific geographical areas and to deliver freight within 15 minutes of scheduled commitment time. Our guarantee to the customer is 25% return on 2 hours late, 50% return on 4 hours late and 100% return on 6 or more hours late making a delivery. Owner Operators must share in loss of pay or a deduction in pay of some sort if being late was controllable.                                                                               Revenue Miles – Land Transport Inc. bills its customers and pays its Owner Operators for loaded miles calculated by using the PC Miler software from pickup point to delivery point. Back hauls – Anytime that an Owner Operator delivers outside of the current service area, Land Transport Inc. will DEDICATE itself in securing the Owner Operators a back haul into or closer to our service area. If a back haul is secured, the owner Operator is offered the run at a negotiated rate. Back hauls can include LTL shipments to cover driver fuel while giving the driver some profit. Land Transport Inc. is dedicated in doing whatever it takes to keep their drivers running. And we like for you to run.                                                                     Accessorial Pay-outs – Land Transport Inc. pays to its drivers fees for detention times, unloading, inside deliveries, haz-mat, excess mileage and any other chargeable fees. Fees will be based upon fees in which are chargeable to LTI customers.                                    Team Operation – Land Transport Inc. is dedicated to providing safety on the roads andfollowing U.S. Department of Transportation guidelines. As a result, vehicles over 10,000 lbs. G.V.W. that are operated by a team at all times prove to be the most successful at Land Transport Inc. due to their ability to be available for immediate dispatch at all times. Fingerprinting Freight – Most of our freight will be shipper load/and consignee unload. There are times, however, when our customers can request that the Owner Operator assist in loading, unloading or breaking down skids. This doesn’t happen very often, however, in cases that it does, the Owner Operator may be compensated for assistance. We also bill for inside delivery to a residence or non-dock facility (office building).                                   Four Call System – Drivers must adhere to 4 phone calls to LTI when making a delivery. Check calls will be done when required while during transit.                                                          • First call is when you arrive on site for a delivery or pick up of freight with current time.          • Second call will be after you make a pick up, (information needed during this call will be the pieces and weight of the shipment and the shipper/bill of lading number and time out.     • Third call will be made when you arrive on the consignee’s location with the current time.                                                                                                                                                              • Fourth call will be when you have made your drop, (information needed during this call will be P.O.D. (proof of delivery / the signature of the person who signed for the freight and time out.)                                                                                                                                     Communications – Drivers will be required to have a nationwide pager and a nationwide cellular phone for immediate check calls. Also when drivers run into problems or delays in transit, drivers are required to call LTI immediately, NOT THE CUSTOMER.                      Desire – Drivers are required to maintain poise when at a customer’s facility. In no way is it allowed to create anxiety in front of a customer. NO MATTER WHAT THE CIRCUMSTANCE. Dispatch – When called by LTI dispatch you are given the opportunity to do the run not obligated to the run. However in this business you must take the good with the bad and LTI recognizes those who are willing to do so and go the extra mile.                        Contracts/Lease Agreement – Shall be signed and reviewed on day of      orientation.                                   
Land Transport Inc. is one of the most reliable surface-expedited carriers with a reputation of providing excellence in quality and customer service to our valuable customers. We provide door-to-door, exclusive use vehicle delivery service for time- critical shipments. Most of our shipments are picked up in less than 60-90 minutes from time of call when driver is within 45 minutes of pick up and delivered on an exclusive-use basis. Over 97% of our shipments are delivered within minutes of the time quoted or promised, and we back up our promise with discounts and a money back guarantee. 

We are looking for individuals with strong communication skills and a strong focus on customer service. We have established a reputation in the shipping industry byplacing strong emphasis on customer service, quality, communications, speed and reliability. We rely on you the Owner Operator, to give the best you can give and to carry over the tradition of strong customer service that Land Transport Inc. is known for. 

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Owner Operator with Land Transport Inc. We look forward in working with you as a valuable  member of the LTI team of top drivers!    © 2001 Land Transport Inc. All Rights Reserved. Site designed by LTI.